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Hemantha Gurudeniya was bone Central high land in Sri Lanka. and won a first Class degree on forest of Sri Lanka and forest Sanctuaries from the Colombo University. Thereafter I worked as a Lecturer at the Colombo University, and after that I joined the Ministry of Tourism in Order to give my Knowledge to the local and foreign tourists. After some time in the ministry I started this trekking Company with a view to imparting my Knowledge about the natural beauty of Sri Lanka to the whole world.
I am proud to say that more than 20 years of my life have been spend in doing research on forest of Sri Lanka Observing fauna and floras, including various varieties of lizards and fish. for this purpose I have been roaming about in “Knuckles mountain range, Horton plains national park, Rain forest of Singharaja etc. A special feature of my sojourns in the forest is that along with local and foreign trekkers. I accompany them and have Camping and birds and animal watching trips and Organize everything at top level as I am a train biologist by profession.

I must Unassumingly say that I am a train, leading Biologist in Sri Lanka, who has undertaken walking tours in the forests of Sri Lanka during the day and night and have Organized such tours exercising, supervision and conducting investigations. My Only ambition is to give all those who come to us and let them go back to their Countries with Cherished memories.

Why Choose Me,,

  • Over 20 years of Experience in the trekking tourism industry.
  • Excellent knowledge of fauna & flora in Sri Lanka.
  • Trekking team of expert as Chief in the trekking & travel industry in Sri Lanka.
  • Professional & personal approach.
  • Customized nature trekking private tours.
  • Fully responsibility & high security On safe journey.
  • Unforgettable experience with “Sri Lanka Knuckles trekking”

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