Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

According to Fauna and Flora Ordinance of Sri Lanka, all tourist who enter national parks should follows the following guidelines.

  • Avoid harming Fauna and Flora.
  • Don’t Pluck small plants and don’t take them away fraudulently.
  • When walking inside the don’t walk about Obstructing the path of animal and birds.
  • When your see animal keep a long distance between you and them and don’t approach them.
  • Always Obey your trekking chaffer Guide.
  • Please avoid shouting and singing song completely because as we occupying their territory, we should not be a hindrance to them.
  • Please don’t forget to bring back all left over’s, don’t spoil here, and there because the jungle is a valuable treasure, which we should protect for the future generation.
  • When walking inside the Jungle , if your face any accident, Our company will seek assistance of the Sri Lanka Air force.

What do you require for trekking, and walking tours.

  • A light Costume suit table for Climbing.
  • As sudden rain is likely you should carry a waterproof back pack and rain Jacket.
  • An extra suit to be worn after the walking tours.
  • A small torch to be Used at night for privacy
  • Mountain hiking boots or Sports shoes
  • Please Can bring sun barn cream and hat to be used when there is excessive heat.

How to Cancellation

  • If you inform about the non participation, within 30 day’s all the money will be refund.
  • if they can cancellation is within 15 day’s half the money will be refund.
  • The management of our company has decided not to refund, if the tour is cancelled within 5 days, because lost of future business.




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