Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

According to Fauna and Flora Ordinance of Sri Lanka, all tourist who enter national parks should follows the following guidelines.

  • Avoid harming Fauna and Flora.
  • Don’t Pluck small plants and don’t take them away fraudulently.
  • When walking inside the don’t walk about Obstructing the path of animal and birds.
  • When your see animal keep a long distance between you and them and don’t approach them.
  • Always Obey your trekking chaffer Guide.
  • Please avoid shouting and singing song completely because as we occupying their territory, we should not be a hindrance to them.
  • Please don’t forget to bring back all left over’s, don’t spoil here, and there because the jungle is a valuable treasure, which we should protect for the future generation.
  • When walking inside the Jungle , if your face any accident, Our company will seek assistance of the Sri Lanka Air force.

What do you require for trekking, and walking tours.

  • A light Costume suit table for Climbing.
  • As sudden rain is likely you should carry a waterproof back pack and rain Jacket.
  • An extra suit to be worn after the walking tours.
  • A small torch to be Used at night for privacy
  • Mountain hiking boots or Sports shoes
  • Please Can bring sun barn cream and hat to be used when there is excessive heat.

How to Cancellation

  • If you inform about the non participation, within 30 day’s all the money will be refund.
  • if they can cancellation is within 15 day’s half the money will be refund.
  • The management of our company has decided not to refund, if the tour is cancelled within 5 days, because lost of future business.

Due to sudden changes in weather and climate, beautiful views disappear. Therefore, our company is not responsible for these natural changes to any local or foreign tourists.

There may be few leeches, especially on rainy days because of the cold weather so you don’t have to worry about that because me and my porter use natural liquid to get rid of leeches. Your legs get 100% protection from it.
Otherwise, I will give you leach socks. Then your legs will be 100% Protected.

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