Canoeing and Boat Paddling in Sri Lanka

Canoeing Sri Lanka is famous as a country with a vast variety of climate. Within a matter of 100 miles, you can experience a number of climate zones starting from 10 o degrees to 35 – 40 degrees. This position cannot be experienced in any other country. Instead of high technology used in various industries like agriculture, you can see how rice fields are worked by bullocks with manual handling by man. The vast expanse of irrigation schemes started by ancient kings as far back as Two Thousand years ago are still alive in the middle of the country. It is a privilege to see how rice is cultivated in the same manner as it was done more than 2000 years ago. Our company has started various programmers in primitive areas of the country for the enjoyment of local and foreign tourists. Especially to see the culture and behavior of the primitive people known as “Veddhas”. You can see the beautiful environment around them and how they do cultivation work various indigenous arts and crafts.

The hills and valley and among them there are a large number of natural tanks and waterfalls. In addition, our company is committed to show get many activities which the tourist can take part such as boat paddling, boat canoeing, swimming, stick fishing, boat camping etc. In the absence of traffic in the area, we have made arrangements for you to enjoy bicycle riding. The prevailing climate and a conducive environment for such enjoyments can be easily arranged. Large numbers of tourists are taking part in white water rafting in the second longest river in Sri Lanka. The enjoyment and thrill you get from such water sports will remain living memories of your life for a long time to come.

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