Knuckles Mountain Range Situated in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Knuckles is a unique range of mountains situated in Central Province Sri Lanka amidst a large number of mountains which form the Central Hills. The Europeans have named it knuckles because it resembles a clenched fist when you look at it from Matale – Dambulla Road. The elevation of the highest peak is nearly 1900 m. above the mean sea level. Knuckles ranges have spanned over 155 Sq. kms starting from Matale Hills to Wasgamuwa, and Mahiyangana. The ranges consists very wide varieties of fauna and flora most of which are endemic to Sri Lanka. There are small water falls in most of the areas which are rich unique varieties of fish which cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. It is the home of many varieties of rare wild animals with different species of Wild Boar, Sambhur, Deer, Long Tailed Squirrel, Wild Cats, civet cat, lories and other small varieties of animals. During the hot season the entire area is covered with wide varieties of Butterflies endemic to Sri Lanka. The beauty of the area is that the clear surrounding become a sea of mist within a short time. The salubrious climate and crystal clear clean water make knuckles a paradise on earth which compels the tourists to visit again and again.

Research conducted by even world famous sportsmen have proved that the climate in Sri Lanka is very favorable for exercises and good health. There are a few climatic areas in Sri Lanka which are favorable for breathing fresh air. Among them Sinharaja forest reserve, Horton Plain national park, Knuckles mountain Range are topping the list. Due to the climate prevailing every day tourists do not feel tired however much they engage in hill walking tours. The mild cooling in the environment, melodious singing birds green surrounding in the environment, waterfalls, rivulets genuine flora coming from millennia, are natural attractions of tourists coming to Sri Lanka mostly from barren lands. There are many instances of tourists coming for one or two days holidays their leave for weeks due to the attractions of nature found in the above areas. Due to the wonderful climate in Sri Lanka which is second to none, man’s health grows day by day and his life span extends beyond expectations. Medical Specialists have proved that the salubrious Climate in Sri Lanka has cured most of the natural ailments afflicted with man.

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